Ama, your Yoga classes in Tenerife

Yoga Classes in Tenerife focused on generating physical and mental harmony, promoting holistic well-being. Diverse Yoga classes for all levels with flexible schedules to facilitate your attendance.

Ama Yoga is a center created with the intention of sharing this ancient discipline, which remains very relevant in our modern times as it restores the vision of creating physical and mental health, as well as the encounter with ourselves.

The classes are in Spanish, but we understand and speak in English, so we can assist you with whatever you need. If you prefer personalized classes, please inquire through WhatsApp.

Ama Yoga is a center for health, physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Yoga classes in Tenerife for all levels with flexible schedules throughout the week.

Yoga Beginners I - II

Yoga Principiantes I y II (Timetable)

Aerial Yoga

Yoga Columpio (Timetable)

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga (Timetable)


Mindfulbody (Timetable)

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Terapéutico (Timetable)

Multilevel Yoga

Yoga Multinivel (Timetable)

Yoga Shanti

Yoga Shanti (Timetable)

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga Embarazadas (Timetable)

We offer various styles and approaches to the discipline, with diverse Yoga classes for all levels and types of practitioners in Tenerife. Our schedules are flexible, and Yoga classes can be combined, allowing you to better manage your attendance.

Here are the schedules for your Yoga and Meditation Classes in Santa Cruz.

Flexible and combinable schedules throughout the week.

For already registered students, you can make class reservations through the Timp App or by clicking the button to do so in the reservations section.

If you are not registered, you can do so using this button, and then you will have the option to book classes through the RESERVATIONS button.